Your Own Theme Music?

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own theme music? I’d love it when every time I walked into a room or crowded pub they played my theme music.  Imagine if we all had our own theme music, if the theme music from Happy Days played every time I went into a pub or a party I wouldn’t need to introduce myself because my theme music would tell everyone what sort of happy chappy I am, I’d just have to learn to give the two thumbs up and say “Heyyyy” like The Fonz,  would save a lot of time. Heyyyyyyy..

I think we should all have theme music and not just the same song all your life, you should be allowed to change it as you get older. When I was a wee nipper I helped deliver milk with one of my (many) older brothers and this was a popular song during those days, full of double entendre as only Benny Hill could get away with at that time and this probably deserves to be the theme music of my youth;

Then I worked in a large supermarket with a staff of about 300. There was a food court upstairs and I kind’a think this should be my theme music for those times – or at least during Christmas time 🙂

Next career was working as a Nurse on Intensive Care and I’d have to pick this – especially as I worked with so many queens, this is cringe-inducing BTW!

Now I work in computing with a load of uber-geeks and there is only one, and I mean only one tune that can be my theme music. I want this played EVERY SINGLE TIME I walk into a room, I think it would be fantastic !!  You not think so? “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” 🙂

I have to make a small confession here… A few years ago when I was ummmm even more mischievous I was chatting to the new Senior Registrar at work, he was about to introduce himself to all the University staff and we stood at the back of the hall awaiting his turn. He turned to me and jokingly said he felt like there should be a fanfare as he walks down the aisle towards the podium..  Well, it was like a red rag to a bull, I couldn’t resist it, so when he got the nod from the Dean to come in I sung the above song VERY LOUDLY as he walked down between the assembled staff and he looked back and grinned and the assembled staff sniggered as well, and then as he got to the podium and was about to talk into the microphone I did the same sort of heavy laboured breathing that Darth Vader did and everyone burst out laughing, including him..  well, it HAD to be done..I’m surprised I still have a job there!