You never really lose them..

I’m reading a book at the moment, 101 Things To Do Before You Are Five, it’s hilarious but a lot of it is true, for example at #10; Pull daddies chest hair til he screams (check) and #8; Get mummy to ghost write your thank you letters (check) but it’s number two that interests me the most; Look Just Like Daddy (check). Nature is very sneaky, my first born spent his first 12 years looking just like me, in particular he had very straight blonde hair and his maternal side ALL have very curly hair, so in a sense I always thought of him as ‘mine’ and this was nature providing proof by making him look like me..

After all these years of thinking at least he will have a good head of hair (even in his old age) I was a bit put out to see that the moment puberty hit, his hair started to curl quite dramatically, and now really he’s got his mothers hair… the longer it grows to more curly it becomes.. bugger, but isn’t it interesting that the curls only appeared at puberty, was this Mother Nature saying to his mother “look, I know he will gravitate towards his father now that puberty has hit but he’s still yours and to prove it I’ll give him your curly hair..” Natures very sneaky..

It’s said that a male child is his mothers until puberty hits and then he spends the next 10 years looking for male role models – his father, teachers, Captain Picard (in my case!) and I can see that in my first borns behaviour but there is a small part of me that is a bit quirked that he doesn’t look anything like me – and there are friends of mine that say Thank God he doesn’t look anything like you!

Soooooooo… Mother Nature has one more trick up her sleeve, which goes like this; the second born is really into music big time but the first born doesn’t really take much notice of chart music, so the three of us were in a shop the other day and one of my current favourite songs was played overhead, it’s a non-chart quirky song, and rather surprisingly my first born came up to me and asked what it was and could he get it…. and in an instant I knew he was mine – because he’s got the same quirky taste in music as I have.. and he couldn’t understand just why I was grinning at him so much.. isn’t Mother Nature very clever?

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