Word of the day: Moist.

We really ought to get out more often...

Working with a load of Geeks can be a challenge at times, one, I should mention, I am always willing to sink down to..  We play games occasionally, one game involves inserting today’s ‘childish word of the day’ into a conversation with a Muggle (non-geek [non-magical] staff). But a few years ago the word was ‘moist’ and the first one to insert ‘moist’ into a conversation won.

So Alma Fluck (I kid you not, that really was her maiden name!) came into the office, she managed one of the research websites and she was asking about getting her name changed on the site from Fluck to Mast, her new married name.

I, of course couldn’t resist it so said to her in very loud voice, ‘no way Alma, we canny do that, we love having your name as Fluck, it gives us children great amusement’, she laughed and said no, it had to be changed to Mast.. where-as of course I said in loudest voice possible, ‘Well, I suppose I ‘could’ change it but not to Mast, how about I change it to ‘Moist!’, Alma Moist?, that’s near enough to Mast surely and has almost the same comedy value as Alma Fluck..’ and of course all the guys laughed and she laughed and I won the game for the day…

Still had to change her name though, she didn’t want to be known as Alma Moist..or Doctor Moist to give her proper title.. We also have a Doctor Dick working with us, seriously, she likes to be known by her first name.

Recently the word(s) were “Small ones are more juicy..” and I won that game too….don’t ask..

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