Who ya gonna call?

A few years ago I took a road trip west of London and pitched up in Salisbury (via Andover) (which sounds like an instruction in the Lovers Guide) and Salisbury’s actually quite a pleasant place, the big difference I noticed was that Andover seems to have a disproportionate number of shoe shops and Salisbury has a huge effing  Cathedral.

Salisbury is clearly middle upper class, one can tell just looking at the folk walking the streets, lots of money around despite the credit crunch. Also there seems to be a large number of ..hmmm young men who look like they are on their way to mug someone, it’s hard to describe but you get streetwise living in London and you know the type. They all seem to have taken up residence in Salisbury, maybe they are like migrating herds of buffalo and during the winter months they return to Salisbury like a swarm of locusts before returning to their spawning grounds in London during the summer – I know I have mixed up and bastardised just about every metaphor there but it’s late and I’m not quite with it..  there was one point when I grabbed my metaphorical purse as I watched this young-ish man run full pelt down the street in my direction and away he went, was awaiting for PC Plod to come chasing after him but no-one appeared and nothing seemed amiss around the corner ..strange, maybe he was practising for the 100m sprint during his lunch break..

It’s quite a big town, the Cathedral is obviously the centre piece, built in ..oh God, paste from Wikipedia;


The cathedral has the tallest church spire in the United Kingdom (123m/404ft). Visitors can take the “Tower Tour” where the interior of the hollow spire, with its ancient wood scaffolding, can be viewed. The cathedral also has the largest cloister and the largest cathedral close in Britain (80 acres).

The Cathedral contains the world’s oldest working clock (from AD 1386) and has one of the four surviving original copies of the Magna Carta (all four original copies are in Britain).Although commonly known as Salisbury Cathedral, the official name is the Cathedral of Saint Mary. In 2008, the cathedral celebrated the 750th anniversary of its consecration in 1258  etcetera , etcetera


Sadly I wasn’t able to go inside the actual cathedral as there was a bloody funeral going on, how inconsiderate, did they not get the memo that I was coming to visit?

Oh if any of you North American’s come to visit Blighty then I have found the perfect place for you to stay, it’s called The Red Lion and it cost 160 quid a night to stay there but bugger the expense, it’s not every night you get to stay in some ancient 800 yr old hotel that has four poster beds everywhere..oh and the oldest pizza shop in the world..


There’s some amazingly AWFUL bed covers and furniture in that place but what the hell, the place is 800 years old, that’s almost as old as me. I’m thinking of going there because it’s just BOUND to have it’s own ghost!

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