What makes you smile?

I was a beautiful baby, wasn't I? Time and mother nature have not been kind to me since..

OK, have noticed a certain trend in woman, let’s see if any of this sounds familiar.

If I’m walking down the street carrying a bunch of flowers, nearly every woman smiles upon seeing them, you can almost see them thinking “some woman’s a lucky bugger”  or more likely “some poor sods in big trouble and has had to buy flowers!” – not like I get a lot of opportunities to buy flowers these days!

But also men carrying babies have the same effect on woman, when I carried my two wee’uns around in their sling I always got that same smile from other woman…unless of course (as my friend says), they are ugly and have a snotty nose!

For one weekend a few years ago I had to look after a white Scottie dog and every single woman smiled at me (or him!)  and he worked like a babe magnet and I absolutely loved it, I’ve never been surrounded by so many good looking woman before in my life, (and probably never will again!), when his real owner came to get him back I begged him to let me keep him, or let me doggy-sit him every weekend, I wanted to keep him forever!

However, this morning it was a friends birthday at work so I was carrying three birthday cakes from Marks & Spencer through the corridors of power and funny enough, I noticed the exact same smiles.. I wonder was it the same thought, “some lucky bugger is getting cake”  or “oh ohh ..someones in trouble..” or perhaps it was  “If I trip him up I can grab one and run out of the building…”

What makes YOU smile?

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