What makes you smile? (Part deux)

Bummer of a shot, the bare-faced cheek of it!

Hopefully you will already have read ‘what makes you smile’ posted the other day but it just occurred to me, that’s what makes woman smile, at least from my own experience but what happens if I switch things around, I wonder what makes men smile? If I see a woman carrying some flowers I don’t give that little involuntary smile and woman with small dogs don’t work in same way for me, when I see a woman with a white Scottie I don’t think awwwwhh and even if I see a woman with a huge man-eater brute of a dog I still don’t give that little involuntary smile, so what does, when do I un-expectantly smile?

I’ve given this some thought and there are the obvious things that makes both sexes’ smile, for example seeing your loved ones, partner/children after a long break away from each other but these are personal things, what makes men smile when we see a stranger? There are certain things that ‘should’ make a man smile, the equivalent of seeing a man carry flowers, seeing a woman carrying a six pack of beer back to the car to take home for her man, one would think that would be an obvious choice but it does nothing for me, so what does?

Well, I know I am going to get kicked for how sexist (and bad manners) this is but if I’m walking down a windy street and I see some woman struggling desperately to hold down her skirt/dress to stop it blowing over her head, that will always make me smile and I dare say just about every red blooded male in the vicinity, I know it’s not gentlemanly but it’s a reflex I can’t help and it’s not the sort of thing you will ever see happening to a man, unless of course you are Scottish and in the habit of wearing a kilt and then well, traditionally, you are going to get a good view of what Scot’s men keep under their sporran..

You might like this cheeky link..

American lady: Is anything worn under the kilt?
Scotsman: No, madam. I can assure you it’s all in perfect condition.

Traditionally Scots do not wear anything under their kilts, but the shirts (known as a blouse) have a long tail that may be tied between the legs. There are many ‘standard’ answers a kilt wearer could give you when you ask them including ‘The Glory of God’ or in the case of a female questioner, ‘Would you care to look for yourself?’

So what else, OK, in counter-balance to the last paragraph, we smile at any opportunity to be a hero, for example seeing a woman stuck by the roadside with car trouble, that makes me smile, I stress not because I will drive past but because it gives me a chance to go help and be manly, that’s something that Irish men can’t resist, we have this inner compulsion to help damsels in distress and not just young good looking  woman, even grannies get the helping hand – although being someone we can flirt with is just the icing on the cake, we can’t help it and blah blah blah equality and woman’s rights etc but I have done this in the past, even though it was pissing out’a the heavens, we just can’t help it, any chance at all to be all manly and a knight in shining armour, I have changed flat tires in the rain, I have jump started cars for complete strangers and I have gone to petrol stations with strange woman to buy/fill petrol cans to get her car going again.. Sadly the opportunity to do this is greatly reduced now mobile phones are common and every woman can simply call the AA but then again, I wonder, do the very nice men of the AA spend most of the day smiling because they get to rescue lots of woman in trouble, from a man’s perspective, is it the best job in the world?

And other little things that make me smile, holding a door open for a woman, we just automatically smile at each other, it’s manners and helping some lady carry her shopping, just another opportunity to show there are some gentlemen left in 2011..

However, the big thing that makes me smile at strange woman, is at the airport arrivals area, standing there and watching girlfriends come back and hug their boyfriends and watching parents coming back and hugging their children and vise verse, that never fails to make me smile and brighten my day, it’s damn good therapy too, much better than Prozac..

Another thing that will always make me smile is walking around Wimbledon Common or any park and seeing a father taking his young daughter for a walk, I see it all the time, the father and the little kid either being carried or slowly walking along and chatting, hand in hand, it’s just very cute and I can’t help smile, it’s still cute seeing a father with a young son but ten times more cute seeing a father with his young daughter, don’t ask me why, maybe it’s because I’m a man with two sons and no daughter, from experience it seems to me that daughters seem to engage and chat with their dads more than sons of the same age, I’m not sure but I always smile when I see it..

So what else makes men involuntary smile, well there are two things that are guaranteed to make any red blooded man smile, if I’m walking down the street and I see a woman carrying a shopping bag from Victoria Secrets, that will always make me smile, it’s the equivalent of men carrying flowers, impossible not to smile at and grin… (and be jealous!)

And one last thing (and not strictly from someone you don’t know) BUT.. being at work and getting a dirty text message from your partner, letting you know what she plans on doing to you later that night, that will make every single man on this planet smile involuntary (just don’t be surprised if he comes home a little [or a lot] early!)

What makes you smile? (Part deux)   Hopefully this blog entry 🙂

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