What a year..

Doh!When I was fifteen I came across this little expression from a book of quotations;

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”   Rumi

I had no idea who Rumi was and as I was fifteen (and knew absolutely everything) I completely dismissed this expression as obviously opposite to the way I thought love was. It’s funny how you know so much at that age, I knew everything (about nothing) and as I approach my 50th birthday I realise I know nothing (about everything).

This expression from Rumi has been occurring and re-occurring through-out my entire life and it’s like the Universe has been trying to hammer the lesson home to me and slowly but surely I’ve started to see the truth of it, we do build barriers to love within ourselves and we also build barriers outside ourselves and some frigging big walls with watch towers at the end of with huge machine guns and barbed wire. And usually these barriers and walls are expressed with the term ‘but what if.?’.

The Germans have an expression; ‘but, is a fence which few people leap over’.

I’ve come to realise in my wise ‘old’ age that the terms ‘love’ and ‘doubt’ have never been on speaking terms and I’m pretty sure they never will and the best way to break down those walls and barriers is to have no doubt, to speak our truth and let the Universe realign itself to our will.

Age fifteen was quite a year.

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