Weddings and Christmas

Almost December and the big push to Christmas starts. It occurred to me that there are a lot of similarities between Christmas and weddings and each of the two sexes have very distinct roles.. Of course this is just a broad generalisation but generally we men just get told what to do and to BEHAVE!

We get told to organise the rings, best man and car and hand over wallet (now please don’t jump all over my nuts of saying that, it’s a generalisation and I can only quote from the examples I know of) and stay out of the way until you are needed …ummm that’s about it, the woman of the family do practically everything else, write out the invites and tell us where to sign the cards to folk we haven’t seen since school days, choose flowers, wedding gift list, church, dress, clothes, reception, seating plan and the thousands of other jobs that we men don’t even notice that make the day so wonderful…

And it’s the same for Christmas, just keep quiet, get the Christmas tree, help with the shopping when required, hand over your life savings, countersign that huge pile of cards to folk you haven’t seen since school days and stay out of the way whilst the woman of the house organise everything else, what we are eating, where everyone is sitting, what gifts to buy and Christmas day happens as if by magic..

Talking to a friend it appear that, for a sizeable amount of us men at least, Christmas (and weddings) are something to be endured, a quick poll around the office confirms this, we get told what to do and when to do it and experience has taught us it’s best just to keep quiet and not protest too much…

However, there *is* one area that we generally take more than a passing interest in – at least at Christmas time – and that is outdoor decorations…we love ’em..I’m sorry ladies but that’s our domain..the more lights and god awful trashiness of them, the better…move over darling, you ain’t seen nothing yet, money is no object when it comes to us men and things with plugs;

Santa With Train Silhouette Rope Light 3.1m for 69 quid…bargain..
Konstsmide 3650 micro LED outdoor Christmas light set at 49 quid..a steal..
4 X RUNNING WHITE LED TWINKLING DEERS WITH SLEIGH SILHOUETTE 449 quid..I kid you not, it really is that price so it MUST be good…
A one meter tall led Santa, 149 it away,
The look on your stuck-up neighbours face at the vulgar tasteless tat on your house…for all of December – PRICELESS 🙂

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