Walk like an Egyptian? Australian?

It’s Sunday evening on the 30th January, 2011 and I have about a weeks worth of annual leave to take before the end of March, and for a couple of weeks now I’ve been thinking of spending from the 8th to the 14th of February in Egypt. However, I’ve just watched the news this evening and it is with some growing concern about the state of the country, one of the girls I work with lived in Cairo for two years and has many friends there and there was a chance I might get to see the ‘real’ Cairo as opposed to the ‘tourist’ Cairo but this is looking increasing unlike due to the state of upheaval in the country.

In many ways it’s a good thing, a corrupt government which tortures (and kills) it’s own citizens is obviously not ‘a good thing’ (but damn, I wish they had waited a few more weeks!).

So now, the big question is – where to go? Mexico has it’s own pyramids of course, and I’ve never been there… and Cuba… I’m wondering if Cuba is nice, long flights to both but that’s never stopped me before.. and then there’s India…

In the ‘old days’ I’d just pitch up at Heathrow or Gatwick and jump on a random plane but these days doing that makes everyone suspicious of your motives and I really don’t want another probe shoved up where the sun don’t shine so I’m having to plan ahead – well, when I say ‘plan ahead’ I realise that most folk tend to plan trips to places like India/Cuba/Mexico a year in advance but for me planning ahead is booking a trip about three days in advance… oh and I have a good friend in Australia… hmmm there’s an idea…

Hmmm gratuitous quote time “I used to always prefer the road less travelled, I was proud of that fact… then I found out why it was the road less travelled… it wasn’t a road… yet. I felt really stupid, especially after seeing the trail of my foot prints in the wet cement” This is me, I’m a bit (lot!) older now and have brought my wellies so it’s time to explore again. I think it’s time to look at a map of the world, my Facebook friends and TripAdvisor all at the same time… I’m sure I can make some kind a Venn diagram where all three intersect..

Gratuitous Venn Diagram

Gratuitous Venn Diagram


..and then of course there’s always time travel… there’s an idea, maybe Egypt’s on after all..

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