Veggie…when when I say veggie..

I’m a veggie you know…well, when I say veggie I mean I also eat fish…and duck…well, it’s almost a fish…it spends nearly all it’s life with half it’s body in the pond..

So fish and duck.. but apart from that….and cows, pigs and sheep… because come on, they spend a lot of their life near the farmyard pond..

So I’m a veggie..apart from fish, duck, cows, pigs and sheep.. but part time really, only between meals.

I took a date to a restaurant a while back, she asked the waitress if there was a vegetarian option.. The waitress said yes indeed there WAS a vegetarian option – she could eat our spare ribs or fuck off..that was her options.. well, I suppose The Rib Shack wasn’t the best place to take a first (and only) date.. doh!

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