Valentines Day 2012

Always have a Plan B..

I was walking back home this evening at about 7pm and my path was blocked by a gang of blokes all gathered outside a shop.. I was slightly irritated because there’s never anyone around these streets at night and suddenly they were blocking my way…grrrrr.  But then the penny dropped and I realised why they were all crowding around one particular shop – it was a florist…and it’s Valentines Day..

It was interesting watching them, by 7pm you can guarantee that, even in Tooting, every single red rose would have been sold out long ago and I could see the look of concern on their faces…what bunch of flowers would substitute for a dozen red roses, I could see them, weighing up the options and making a grab for a bouquet before one of the other guys did – been there, done that, have the scars to prove it.

I think this is a rite of passage, you see, all the blokes standing there making last minute grabs, they were all under 40, by the time every man’s got to 40 we have learnt (sometimes painfully) to get ourselves organised at least a few days before, we’ve put the orders in, we organised the dinner, the wine, the entertainment and we can sit back and indulge in some schadenfreude.. (or we should!)

I work with a lot of woman and I went around this afternoon asking everyone what their plans were, nearly all of them were staying in and cooking a meal for themselves and their boyfriends, one said that the deal was that they were going to watch his favourite DVD and then her favourite DVD, hmm how romantic…and I suppose I’ve been there myself as well, I have been out in Clapham on Valentines Night crammed into a restaurant and eating under par food cooked and served by harassed staff..

The thing is, I know Valentine’s Day is yet another opportunity for retailers to empty my wallet but the older I get the more soppy I become, (or is it sloppy)… I don’t know but romance is becoming more important to me, I don’t want to wine/dine/wham/bam/thankyou/ma’am, I want to romance someone, I want to do the flowers and silly poetry and love letters and silly texts and goofy jokes and sing songs and cook her favourite meal and public displays of affection and give unexpected presents and hold doors open and put on the inside of the pavement and share umbrellas and chat until dawn and lay on the grass counting stars and running around like a love struck puppy and stay in a four poster bed at the Red Lion in Salisbury or even better, spend a weekend at Ashford Castle..and I want someone to do the same for me too..romance me too..

..who says romance is dead…?

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