To boldy go..

Years ago I used to be a closet Star Trek fan, yes, sad but true, I blame Patrick Stewart and his fine Shakespearean acting and his gravitas. Apparently he was – to to a large extent, still is, one sexy beast, I never really saw it being a bloke and all that but the girlfriend of the time wouldn’t miss an episode and through osmosis I developed a Star Trek habit, I never actually watched any episode but I was in the flat and I just absorbed what was happening. She told me one day that Patrick Stewart was sex on a stick. I was getting nowhere with her and wondered if I would have better luck if I shaved all my hair off and learnt to say ‘set phasers on stun’ with an English accent.

I went to see Patrick Stewart doing Julius Caesar a while back in London, he wore a Roman tunic and I sat near the front and let me tell you, everyone including all the ladies got a right eyeful up his tunic when he came to the front of the stage… I think he did it on purpose !

Apparently he’s still got it, at least that’s what my friend told me (once she put her glasses on)

“No, I’m from Belfast. I only work in outer space.”

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