The Sheep Joke

This week in work one of the guys made a passing reference to ‘The Sheep Joke’, I looked at him with a blank stare and he said, ‘THE SHEEP JOKE!’ and still I had no idea what he was talking about so he says;

“What do you call a sheep with no legs?”

….”A Cloud!”

I’ve never heard that before but I just laughed and laughed and the more irritated Tom looked the more I laughed.. He said SURELY you know that joke, everyone learns it in Primary school… but obviously not, I’d never heard it and it seems it is very national, only Brits know it, having been told it at primary school and it is passed down through the years class to class but it never made it across the water to Ireland…

Soooooooooooo I have been doing some research and ringing around random folk via their names in the phone book – yes, you read that right – we have about 1,000 staff listed in the phone directory so I’ve been picking folk randomly by their foreign sounding surnames, ringing them up and asking them if they know the sheep joke, and so far out of the 20 folk I have rang up every single one has laughed and been nice about it, and it’s true, Brits and Kiwi’s know the joke – high proportion of sheep farmers in both countries but the French, Canadians and South Africans don’t… I rang up one friend, Vics, who is an Aussie BUT got her boss instead and now he is now doing the same research in his entire department…

And to think they actually pay me to work here..I do actually do work and create/manage things but I think work should be as much fun as possible, I spend long hours in committee meetings and my game there is to count how many times the VP says ‘basically’ (14 last time) and I to try to use the word ‘sodding’ as much as possible….not difficult considering how old some of our servers are..

Sometimes if the meetings are REALLY boring and I know everyone then I pretend I have Tourettes Syndrome and I curse suddenly and at random intervals.. but only I seem to find that funny..

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