Are you taking the piss?

Only another 40 miles to Windsor Castle..

I’m a bit like a doggie,  I mean in the sense that as far as I’m concerned whatever I pee on automatically becomes mine, I own it. I think that’s quite reasonable and I’m sure every single mutt in the world would agree with me. Therefore I now own;

  • Buckingham Palace
  • Clarence House
  • St. James Palace
  • Windsor Castle
  • Belfast Castle
  • Bangor Castle
  • Hever Castle
  • Blenheim Palace
  • Hampton Court
  • Warwick Castle
  • Edinburgh Castle
  • Sterling Castle
  • Cardiff Castle

And I’m SURE there are a few more places in the UK that I have forgotten about.  You will of course notice two things about this list, namely that they all seem to be castles or palaces and that’s just my thang, I like to aim high (groan!) but also I seem to have a fantastically weak bladder.  I must be getting old, Billy Connelly once said that now he’s 60+, he plans trips in London and all cities for that matter via public loo’s… I’m much the same but I plan my trips via Castles… 🙂

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