Strip-o-grams et al..

About 15 years ago I was working night shifts on Intensive Care and sleeping during the day. One Friday afternoon I was fast asleep as it was a long run of nights and the doorbell rang, I ignored it but it rang again, I thought bugger it and got up and went to answer the door in my boxer shorts, nothing else, boxer shorts, grumpy face and hair sticking up everywhere..looking like a Screaming Dervish..

Well, I opened the door and got the shock of my life, standing at the door where these two tall blondes, God! they were gorgeous, tall, svelte, tanned, long trench coats and huge smiles… I was flabbergasted and just for an instant, just an instant I thought “Holy Cow, someone’s sent me not one but TWO strip-o-grams, I can’t believe it, and it’s not even my birthday!!

I was just about to invite them in and switch on the video camera when one of them said… “Hi, we’re from the Church of Latter Day Saints…”

Damn, damn, damn! imagine my disappointment..I was gutted..

(But isn’t it interesting how my brain works…how I interpret the world?)

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