Soul mates ?

Soul mates or sole mates..My youngest brother is very fortunate, not like he knows it of course. Not only is he blessed with having me as his older brother (obviously!) and five other brothers, yes, you read that right, five other bigger brothers to help defend him in a punch-up and two older sister, we are Irish after all, but he met the love of his life when he was sixteen and has been blissfully happy and in love since then. That was ohhhh about thirty years ago and from what I can tell, he and his ‘soulmate’ will be together forever.. I imagine he will be interviewed one day on the BBC, celebrating being married for eighty or ninety years.  And in itself that’s kind’a ironic as my natural birth mother, only got married at age 84..

I’m not sure I believe in the concept of soulmates but I’m sure the Universe doesn’t really give a damn what I believe in and goes ahead and does it’s own soulmate thang anyway, even if I don’t believe in them..

However, I did read an interesting theory a few years ago about soulmates. It was by an Eastern Philosopher and he was arguing the case for soulmates, he was of the strong opinion that when two young inexperienced souls come to this plane (his words, not mine) then they tend to come together as support for each other, they meet up very early on in life and just click and they are there for each other for the rest for their lives to help support each other though their first incarnation(s) on this plane.

I can kind’a see the logic in that but like gravity, it is only a theory, there is no evidence that gravity actually exists, only a theory and for all you know gravity may not exist at all but it just may be that the earth sucks 😉 So the soulmates theory is a nice theory but just a theory and I’m sure there are other theories equally logical as well.

However, this chap was also saying that more ummm advanced souls have got the strength of character and inner resources to navigate this life without needing a soulmate, or even a mate, they come here to do a specific task, a mission, and may not even want to be distracted by the opposite sex. So, according to Mr Thumb Stuck Up His Arse,  in theory, if you are struggling to meet someone, everyone is refusing your advances, then perhaps, just perhaps, that’s a good sign, perhaps you too are an advanced soul and you have the strength of character to make it through this life without needing anyone..

Or maybe your deodorant’s just not working..

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