Shared Body Warmth

When I worked on the wards as a Nurse I had to do night-shifts every other week. We all hated doing them, trying desperately to keep awake at four am was no easy task but to keep awake we would play around somewhat…okay okay “I” would play around somewhat.. much to the irritation of everyone else.

The cylinders of helium gas were always good for a laugh, we used them for patients with respiratory problems as it’s less vicious than oxygen – but it has the wonderful effect of making you sound just like Donald Duck when you speak…excellent fun when your co-workers are half asleep and Donald Duck creeps up on them and quacks “Hiya, Toots, fancy a cuppa tea..”. We also used to play with the false teeth but I canny tell you, dear reader, what we did with them cos you’ll report me to the authorities and I’d be throw into prison for crimes against humanity… needless to say it was great fun thou..

However…one night-shift I thought I better go round and check the patients, we had four bays of eight beds, the first two bays female medical and the other two male medical. Most of our patient were quite old and had a tendency to be a bit confused, (especially when Donald Duck was trying to take their blood pressure), so I started at the first bay and thought that’s odd, Molly from bed two is missing…assuming she had gone off to the loo I carried on checking everyone else in the bay but then I started to get concerned, I checked the loo and she wasn’t in there…oh dear, Molly was about 80 and easily confused…

I went out and told the other Staff nurse and we started to search the other bays and cupboards and loo’s… no sign of her and suddenly I’m VERY awake…thinking shit shit shit, where can she have gone, how the hell did she get past the Nurses station…

Then I looked at bed 30 in the men’s bay… Frank seemed to be very bulky… I thought WTF? and went over to investigate… Snuggled tightly up beside Frank was Molly.. I thought…oh she’s obviously feeling better!, do I disturb them or do I leave them alone, after all, they are both consenting adults 🙂

Not sure what to think, I asked Molly if she knew where she was.. She said (incredibly sweetly I should add) “yes, of course, I’m snuggled up with my daddy..’ Frank was also of a certain vintage..

So I gently got her up and brought her back to her own bed and settled her in.. That was fine but I went back to see Frank and I asked him did he know he had company.. he said “Well, you know what, I looked over and saw this woman getting into bed with me and I thought ‘I MUST be dreaming’ and rolled over and went back asleep again…”

I don’t know, I’m not convinced… but think it might actually be a good idea for patients to share beds in hospital, at least by mutual consent, Frank had a spring in his step and big smile on his face next day…

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