Recycled Words, Part Three.

Yet more recycled village/town/hamlet names that could be put to better use; (these do actually exist)

Papple; To do what babies do to soup with their spoons.

Lackawanna; The inability of New York Taxi drivers to know where Central Park is.

Marytavy; A person to whom, under dire injunctions of silence, you tell a secret that you want everybody to know.

Patkai Bum; Mysterious illness affecting recently disposed heads of state which means they won’t be able to stand trial.

Laxobigging; Struggling to extrude an extremely large turd.

Plymouth; To recite an amusing story to someone, completely forgetting it was them that told you it in the first place.

Pitlochry; That background gurgling noise made by folk in restaurants trying to get the very last bits of their milkshake.

Lingle: To touch 9v battery terminals with your tongue.

Roosebeck; Useful emergency all purpose word. When a child asks you what is that bird/flower/funny thing that man’s wearing? you simply reply “it’s a roosebeck, darling..”

Spruce Knob; Men’s genital aftershave.

Stibbard; That invisible brake pedal in the passenger side of the car.

Quedgeley; A rabidly left-wing politician who can afford to be that way because he married a millionairess.

Ompton; One whom has been completely kitted out in tartan but still clearly comes from Idaho.

Nipishish; Description of person walking barefoot on gravel.

Lowestoft; The proper name for belly button fluff.

Malaybalay; That excitement at suddenly remembering a wonderful piece of gossip that you just have to pass on to EVERYONE.

Nybster; The type of person who takes an elevator to go to the first floor.

Pofadder; A snake that can’t be arsed to bite you.

Princes Risborough; The right of any member of the royal family to have people laugh at their jokes, no matter how crap they are.

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