Pseudo mid life crisis..

Should you REALLY be out driving?

It’s the first day of February (and my true love sent to me.)  sorry, it’s the first day of February and what happens this month? Well, my second born turns twelve and there’s something else..  what was it now… oh yes, I turn fifty, knew there was something else, damn, I’m getting so forgetful in my old age

When I was a child, in my head everyone lived to 100 and considering Doris, my mother is 85 and still going strong I think the 100 figure still holds true – and trust me, it will be a real show stopper if I kick the bucket at 65!

As a child I also had the impression that as the earth revolves around the sun, on the shortest and longest days  the earth momentary paused on  it’s journey before changing direction and heading back, (for the pedantic it’s not actually the 21st of December and June, the Earth’s perihelion occurs around January 3, and the aphelion around July 4).  And I think I should kind’a pause too at this midway point.

Everyone I know talks about having a mid life crisis at 40 but I seem to have missed my mid life crisis at 40, I think I’m having my mid life crisis at 50, my proper mid life, but it’s not really a crisis, more a time of reflection about who I was, who I have become and whom I will become.

I quite like who I have become and I think the older I get the more the wishy-washy parts of my personality will evaporate off me and I will be distilled down to a even stronger concentrated version of whom I am – Lord help you all!

I was reading some research a few months ago about mid life crisis, researchers asked people in their 80’s and 90’s about whether they had an actual mid life crisis and as they all looked back they saw that it was all bollocks, it seems we all have crisis’s all the way through our lives – from in our 20’s right up to our 80’s but when have them in our 40’s then everyone just calls it a mid-life crisis.

However, between you and me, I’m a bit concerned that people in their 90’s are still having crisis’s, one would think that by that age you would be an old hand at this game of life and nothing would throw you but perhaps it’s a different type of crisis, it’s all relative, isn’t it, perhaps it’s a “I can’t find my dentures” crisis.. 😉

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