People have an instinctive need to belong… Doh!

“I find your lack of faith disturbing....”

Epiphany time, people have an instinctive need to belong… Doh!

OK, the Universe has been trying to tell me this for many years but I have been too thick to see it, I suppose it’s more to do with not having a mentor in this life and having to learn all the lessons the hard way.

Not only did I realise recently that it’s OK to tell people that you love them (in fact it’s imperative that you tell folk you love them) but I also realised the following, that most (but not all) people like to belong, to feel part of a community, to be part of something, to have that little community that they can feel safe in, comfortable in and surround yourself with like minded souls.

And it’s not a rule, not a law, one doesn’t have to belong to a community but I think our souls are naturally gregarious and this is what we do, seek out like minded souls..

This is something I have been observing most of my life but never made the connection until recently but then it suddenly hit me, that sudden blinding realisation. I was watching a group of Japanese school children all sitting across the road from the Houses of Parliament and there was a real sense of each of them belonging, they were part of that little group of 30 or so but watching them in this foreign land where we speak a different language and all the signs and food and details are strange, I could see how they come together as one and felt safe together with each other..

And The Universe has been showing me this all my life, on Sunday I was on a bus and it paused outside a church as the congregation was coming out and everyone was outside after the service hugging and holding each other and feeling like they belong. The other night when I picked the beasties up after their own church service, there was a sense of community there too, everyone fitting in and bringing their own musical note to the song of the community, adding their own little splash of colour to the rich tapestry of community life.

And as I look around at my life I see more and more communities, the Polish community, the Muslim community, the Irish community, all the different church communities, even the Boyz In Da Hood communities, everyone feeling comfortable, having their own buzz words and that they belong..

I think we all do this and have this urge to be part of our own chosen community and I have been searching for somewhere where I belong too… and it explains why I have tried so many different spiritual groups, because I’ve rejected the normal muggles version of how The Universe works and I’ve been looking all my life for that little community where I too would feel comfortable and be with like minded souls.

And we all have our little communities, and social networking fills that need to a large extent for some folk, after all, why restrict your friends to just the local area when you have the world to choose from. Facebook obviously fills that urge and I think that’s just one of the reasons why it’s so popular, Twitter too, all about connecting, and even on MySpace folk there have their own little musical community and in some sort of weird way I have my community of everyone at work, I know that a lot of them are muggles and don’t see the bigger picture but we all work together and there is the whole range of humanity there too, from folk I have to really try hard to get along with to folk that I’ll miss when they leave. and its marvellous being part of that community, it adds to my life, enriches it and I wouldn’t have it any other way..

Bugger, why didn’t someone tell me this when I was much younger…

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