Paddy’s Day

Don't even say it..

Well now, it seems I really shouldn’t try blogging at five in the morning because at five in the morning my brain is able to remember which countries Saint George is the patron saint of; (Portugal, Greece, Georgia [which probably had first dibs on him], Lithuania, Ethiopia, Palestine and Catalonia) but I’m completely incapable of remembering which month Paddy’s day is on…doh!. It’s March the 17th and not February the 17th but at 5am my brain likes to skip the bleeding obvious. I find it really interesting how my brain works, well, when I say ‘works’ I tend to think of it like a little butterfly landing on one subject for a few seconds before flying off onto a completely different subject..

I can hear Snowbunnies laugh still ringing in my ears. I have a friend who blogs at 5am and manages to get everything right and whilst I can come up with nice things to blog about I tend to miss the bleeding obvious, seems I’m distracted too easily by anything br..

(ahem) anything bright and shiny. So I’m going to have to make yet another rule, I have a rule that I really shouldn’t blog when inebriated (but I do anyway) and it seems I’m going to have to resist the temptation to blog at 5am in the morning as well, at least not before I have had some coffee..

and it’s post coffee time so think it’s reasonably safe to post this. I think.

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