One lump or two?

One lump or two?

Here’s a test for all you brain boxes out there, what is so special about the Mayor of High Wycombe, what does s/he (and his/her top staff) do in May every year that no other mayor in the whole wide world does?

The clues in the picture.  Not just the mayor of High Wycombe but the whole council leaves the upper room of the Guildhall and troops down to the yard in front of the ‘Falcon’ where the weighing machine is set up. Here, starting with the mayor, all the Aldermen, Councillors and Officers of the Borough Council are weighed. As their weight is recorded, the Macebearer shouts out the weight, adding the words ‘and some more’ if the Mayor has gained weight over the year, or ‘and no more’ if s/he is the same or had lost weight.

The spectators are waiting for the call, and if the words ‘and some more’ are heard, the person being weighed is jeered, as it is believed that they hav grown fat at the expense of the townspeople. If the words ‘and no more’ are shouted out, then cheers would be the reward.

I don’t know about you lot but I think this is a fantastic idea and one that should be mandatory for any person seeking high office, the thought of anyone getting fat at the expense of my taxes is just not on!

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