Nature vs Nurture

Its very hard to predict how your kids are going to turn out, you think they are born with a blank mind but I suspect all kids are born with their own very strong personalities already built in and it make me wonder about the nature vs nurture argument

I worked with a counsellor years ago who told me that if she had a kid for a number of years she would be able to mould that little bugger into whatever she desired but the older I get and the more I observe my two beasties the less I am inclined to agree, I’m believing more and more that nature aka genetics plays a bigger role and that nature won’t be denied..

When I was 11 or 12 I discovered classical music and whilst all the rest of my friends were listening to Radio One Top 40 I was listening to Strauss and Ravel and then Tchaikovsky, it was all what purist would call ‘commercial’ tunes, the sort of thing you find on the ‘The Very Last Classical CD You’ll Ever Need To Buy’ but I was 12 and didn’t know any better, I just liked the tunes.

I’m telling you this because at this very minute in time my second rug-rat is listening to this on youtube

There is a much shorter version here, the British Airways ad that popularised it;

and the interesting thing is that it’s playing in the background whilst he’s battling some Klingon Battle-cruiser in some far off star system.. I wonder if the guys he’s playing with online are playing the same tune or are they playing some heavy metal dirge that makes my ears bleed..

Physically he looks nothing like me (and between thou and I, I consider that a relief!), but I wonder if he has mentally inherited some of my traits, and If he has somehow inherited his fondness of classical music from me then I wonder what other traits he’s acquired too, perhaps my sense of adventure and my mischievousness….

It’s going to be interesting, watching both beasties grow up and mature into their own selves and recognise some traits as my own.. or are they my traits, perhaps I inherited them too..

My mother Doris and I ‘had words’ the other day, about once every seven years we ‘have words’ and I have to put her straight on a few things in my life, usually it’s when she tries telling this 50yr old what to do and usually it’s the exact opposite to what she’s done all her life but she doesn’t realise that, we got into a heated argument and I put the phone down because there seemed no point in continuing to let things spiral out of control. I rang her up on Christmas day to wish her a happy Christmas and after all the social pleasantries she said “I see you have a temper like your father..” and I asked her to explain and she said that Sam would rarely argue, he would go years without raising his voice and then once every blue moon he would fight back and fight back hard and she thought I had inherited that trait from him. I scoffed at her, I like to think I’m much more argumentative – ask the senior management at my work. Ha!

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