Muggles et al

My current job title is Webmaster, when I saw the job advertised in the newspaper I naturally assumed it was for a leading role in the latest Harry Potter movie, imagine my surprise when I pitched up here and they actually expected me to do some work, so I spend a lot of time working with non-magical folk (or Muggles as I like to call them), some folk here shouldn’t be allowed within 50 yards of a computer.. They come down here in desperate need of something fixing and I work my magic and viola, it’s all sorted, so I suppose that really is why I’m called the Webmaster.. I had a young woman working with me until recently, she used to answer the phone as Webmistress (which amused us no end) senior admin complained one day about it being unprofessional, so we made sure we ALWAYS answered the phone like that from then on..

This is about my 10th job, I won’t say career as I think that is something you stick to all your life, previous lives have included Milkman, Postman, Quality control, Management, Batterersea Dogs Home, Axe Wielding Psychopath, Intensive Care Nurse, Breast Cancer Nurse and now Webby stuff (spot the one that’s not entirely true)..

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