Moving House

It seems House is on its final season. I’ve only ever watched twenty minutes of one early episode and then had to switch it off. Anyone reading this from the other side of the pond will wonder about this but everyone this side of the pond will understand why we can’t watch it. You see, we all know Hugh Laurie from the eighties as one half of the duo A Little Bit of Fry and Laurie and as the dopey Prince of Wales in Blackadder;


and then there was ‘Jeeves and Wooster’;


So for almost thirty years Hugh Laurie has been doing comedy and the odd Merchant Ivy film but then suddenly he’s been transmogrified into some grumpy American Chief of Diagnostic Medicine and has an American accent and getting awards left right and centre. And it’s weird, like I’ve suddenly been transported to a different Universe where Hugh Laurie is a straight American actor. It’s hard to put this into context for my American friends but it’s like Jay Leno suddenly popping up on the BBC playing the part of Prince Charles for eight years and then trying to sell this back to America, you’d be sitting there the entire time unable to concentrate on the actual show/plot because you’d be thinking three things;

(a) but that’s Jay Leno !
(b) when’s he going to say something funny?
(c) how the hell does he do that Brit accent so well?

So anyway, hats off to Hugh Laurie for pulling that one off, but I’ve never watched House because it does not compute in my head – it just freaks me out, however, I’ve been thinking what are Fox going to do for a follow up? And I’d like to put forward the following suggestion.

Detached.   The daily goings on of ex-priest with a brilliant mind but Tourette’s syndrome, a mischievous fellow who was thrown out of the seminary after completing his training for scientifically and logically disproving the existence of God, who then moved to California to become a part time Bay Watch Life Guard, part time Paramedic and full time vampire hunter that incidentally does a side line in ballroom dancing.. There, I think that covers most bases, I can’t see why it won’t be a massive hit and my acceptance speech at the Emmy’s should be interesting – what with the Tourette’s syndrome..

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