Crimes and misdemeanors – More Dog Tails!


Did I mention I worked at Battersea Dogs Home, I lasted four hours….yes, a whole morning at Battersea Dogs home, I pitched up and they gave me two pairs of wellies and three teeshirts with Battersea Dogs Home logo on them and set me to work. it all seemed to be going OK until they asked me to clean out the cage with the rabid German Shepard, I looked at it and it glared at me and I thought no effing way am ‘I’ going in THAT cage but the bastards pushed me in and shut the cage door immediately afterwards….

…..and I was absolutely fine for oohhhhhhh two point five seconds where upon the crazy dog leapt at me and sank his teeth straight into my left wellie!

So I obviously tried pulling him off and at the same time hobble out of the cage but this dog wasn’t having any of it, it sank it’s teeth into me even further and I was in agony so I grabbed my brush and started hitting the crazy bugger over the head trying to get it to release me – and the other staff got *incredibly annoyed* with me as I hit him over the head with my broom trying to make it let go of my leg, quote “don’t hit him, you’ll hurting him” as he sank his teeth further and further into my leg…funny that….eventually I managed to get the broom handle inside his jaws and sort of prise his jaw open and then in a deft move shove it down his throat whilst I reversed at great speed out’a the cage..

The staff were pissed with me – as if I forced my leg into the freaking dogs mouth… I went and got some bandages, a tetanus shot, went home and never came back but at least I got three teeshirts and two pairs of wellies out of them, pity one wellie had teeth marks..and blood..

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