Modern Dilemma’s

I had a chat with one of our Estates and Facilities staff this morning, nothing too unusual about that, except that on Friday he had thin wispy grey hair and this morning he had a full head of lush jet black hair..

He’s obviously wearing a syrup but I’m not sure what the protocol is in this situation, does one pass comment ‘hey, nice syrup man, can I try it on..” or does one completely ignore it? It’s very hot here this week and the poor blokes sweating buckets so having a syrup on is only going to make him even hotter, his skin colour is that shade of white that makes the whole wiggy thing even more obvious but what I really wonder is, why would someone who is happily married and in his mid 50’s want to wear a wig, it’s not like he was completely bald and thinning hair can look quite sexy when managed correctly.

Sadly all these thought’s whizzed past my addled brain to be replaced with one thought and one thought only …’DON’T stare at his wig.. DON’T stare at his wig…”, you try SO hard not to stare but sadly it’s now impossible to chat with him without addressing his hair piece..

I met an ex-girlfriend a few weeks ago in Paddington Train Station and she looked pregnant, it was either that or Pie Retention, what’s the protocol if there is some doubt, do you ask “when’s it due?” hoping that if you are wrong you can pretend you meant the next train..

It’s like when one of the girls here got a boob job, what is the correct protocol, ignore her obvious enhancement – she was plainly VERY pleased, is it OK to stare? We spend a lot of time trying not to offend anyone but is it ok in this case to inspect closely and would it be considered very rude not to show polite interest and ask for a feel? I’ve looked up Debrett’s A-Z of Modern Manners and even the Hillbilly Book of Manners but am none the wiser. She’s saving up to have the other one done next week.

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