Men’s greatest secret.

OK OK I’m going to spill the beans here, I’m going to let all you woman into a little secret..

You know how some of you stand in front of a mirror and go “oh if only I could lose an inch here or there” or you hang out with your friends and moan about diets not working and how crap the Atkins diet is? Well here’s the thing, you really ought not worry too much at all about your weight or figure, once you get naked with a man we are just so grateful that you are naked.. If you are standing/lying there and worried – don’t be – because we men are not thinking about love handles or cellulite – we have one thought and one thought only in our heads at that point which is “she’s naked, she is actually naked, God I must have done something good in a past life..” and we are so grateful, we adopt an attitude of gratitude…so stop worrying about love handles and just remember – you have the upper hand, not us men..

PS I also know woman’s greatest secret..

The Sisterhood will be furious with me, should I spill the beans here too..

You think you will know ‘The One’ by how he smells… 😉

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