Meet The Parents

Spouse’s Parents Survey..

OK, this is only half serious, a little observation of mine, here’s a little test, a little pop survey, how many folk out there have separated from their partners but still see their ex’s parents and are in fact on really good terms with ex’s parents.. or have split up with partner and miss his parents much more than you miss him? I actually get on quite well with my ex’s parents and it seems that’s not so unusual, I’ve just asked a few of my friends and they all say the same, only one says his parents are just as bad as him and no wonder he turned out to be such a prick!

Anyway, was pondering this over supper and two things occurred to me;

(a) The parents probably DO know that their son is a prize prick and therefore are really grateful for any woman taking him on and hence the gratitude and falling over to be nice to her in the hope that she will tolerate their monster that little bit longer. The parents probably totally blame him for being such a unreconstructed prat and letting a wonderful catch like you go.

(b) So, here’s a sobering thought, instead of each of us bloke’s writing our profiles, wouldn’t it be much more honest to let our parents write our profiles, it could go along the lines of;

We are really sorry our son is such a prize prat, we have struggled with him for the past 30 years and he just won’t listen, he is not fully house trained but we wash our hands of him. He seems incapable of lifting the toilet seat, thinks baths clean themselves and beer guts are dead sexy. His idea of cooking is sticking something in the microwave for three minutes, his table manners are shocking and he doesn’t change his underwear as often as he claims (and his toenails… yikes!) . We shudder to think what a monster we’ve brought into the world, however if you could see your way to taking him under your wing and continuing his training we solemnly promise to treat you like the Queen of Sheba whenever you come visit, plus we will babysit at least once a week (assuming you deign to even have his children..)

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