Matching Data and Astrology..

If you have a nosey the top of each profile you’ll see some figures like;

87% Match
86% Friend
0% Enemy

or more often in my case;

56% Match
62% Friend
73% Enemy

Interesting figures and they come to more than 100%, I assume OKC is meaning out of 300% but I do wonder how OKC comes up with them because from personal experience they don’t seem to tally in any shape or form with actual experience. I suspect the algorithm OKC uses to generate them is the same black magic that Google uses to rank it’s search results and guarded just as jealously.

The worrying thing is that some users here actually do pay attention to the numbers and occasionally I get folk saying too bad we are 51% enemy because apart from that you seem very nice. I do wonder if these are the same people who won’t leave the home on Friday the 13th and have lucky numbers for the national lottery.. I of course consider anyone who filters the love of their life via some computers generated random number two sandwiches short of a picnic and avoid them like the plague.

The other thing I do, naturally, is seek out folk that have really high bad scores against me and try to engage them in conversation. There’s a couple of reasons why I do this and it’s not just because I have a death wish, it’s because I once read the following quote, “If you resist reading what you disagree with, how will you ever acquire deeper insights into what you believe? The things most worth reading are precisely those that challenge our convictions” (from Churchill I think) and rather than have a nice quiet life I’ve chosen to seek out those with opinions different from my own (and trust me, there are indeed MANY!).

The other reason why I tune my social antenna to folk that I wouldn’t naturally hang out with is really more to do with astrology and this seems to be the same black magic that OKC uses for it’s matching results. Let me explain, I’m Aquarius and therefore I should get on well with Gemini, Libra and conversely Leo and it seems I do to a certain degree but I should not really get on with Taurus and Scorpio, we should clash big time. When I was in my late teens and early twenties I was into astrology big time, I did courses and had a fair handling of how to create birth charts – this was before computers I hasten to add and we had HUGE books that we had to work out the position of the planets from, took forever but I was also very good at mathematics – so creating a birth chart wasn’t that difficult. I’ve kind’a kept that knowledge in the back of my head over the years and am aware of it.

However, in my mid twenties I had two great friends, Jen and Darren and we got on brilliantly, we never argued or fought and bitched and I’d trust them with my life. I assumed it was because they were in some astrological compatible sign but imagine my surprise when I learnt that Darren was Taurus and Jen was Scorpio.. and Jen and I dated for seven years..

It was also in my mid twenties that I found out though another friend who worked for the Belfast Telegraph that the stars published there weren’t actually done professionally by some qualified astrologer but were made up each day at random and even worse was that it was the ‘punishment duty’, if you pissed off the editor then as punishment you had to ‘do the stars’..

So, I’m not dissing astrology per se but I stopped paying attention to it years ago and those numbers at the top of the screen, I pay no attention to them either – apart from trying my best to find someone who is;

0% Match
0% Friend
100% Enemy

because she’s BOUND to be the love of my life.

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