Le Gothic

There’s a strange anachronism in my local borough. It’s a bit weird, it’s called Le Gothic restaurant and was built in the Victorian age as a home for the insane. Typical Victorian style and it was built out in the countryside – well, this area was outer space as far as Victorian London was concerned, now of course it is built up miles past Le Gothic.

So lots of nutters running around the place and then all the inmates ..ermmm patients got moved to Springfield Psychiatric Hospital a few more miles away and this place was turned into a school, one set of lunatics replaced by another set of lunatics. But then WWII come along and Le Gothic was used to barrack soldiers. Then after the war it fell into disrepair and festered for years.

Wandsworth Council didn’t know what to do with the place but was desperate not to knock it down, it was a listed building and had ‘some’ character. Then an entrepreneur came along in the 80’s and bought the place for a quid. Yeah. Of course he had to spend millions restoring it and bring it back into 20th century standards but at the same time he turned a lot of the vast rooms into luxury apartments and made a killing.

We had our Xmas party there in Le Gothic restaurant a few years ago. It was brilliant. If you get a chance to go eat there – DO! It’s surrounded by 1970’s high rise tower blocks but not hard to spot, an oasis of style and architecture beauty in sea of dross.

I liked this car that was in the car park.

But I really liked this kitty, you will notice it prefers to sit on the Aston Martin, it has good taste.

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