Judi Dench

I was browsing the book section in Sainsburys and there is an autobiography of Judi Dench. I don’t think I’ve ever bought an autobiography in my life but was flicking through it and read something touching. Her husband, Mike, died of lung cancer in 2001 and there was a huge memorial service for him.

His best friend stood up and gave a long talk all about Mike but this bit in particular was very sweet;

“I remember them courting, as if it was only last year, in Stratford and London and Australia – and when they got married Mike said to me that he was in the grip of feeling beyond any happiness he had ever dreamed of. He told me more than once that his favourite line in Shakespeare was ‘Lady, you have bereft me of all words’ because when he was with Jude he knew exactly the full extent of what Shakespeare was saying. A fine romance indeed. ”

I appreciate Shakespeare a wee bit more this morning. I too am starting to think the man is a genius, how can someone from 1600 still be able to connect with this dirty hallion from the back streets of Belfast.. and yet he does…   isn’t life amazing??

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