Internet Dating vs Estate Agent Theory

It would seem there are a lot of similarities between buying a house and internet dating..

When you go to buy a house, the Estate Agents never show you the perfect house straight away, you scan the advertisements, 100’s and 100’s and see a few that on paper seem reasonable enough, nice looking, seem to have all their faculties, but when you go look at them they are entirely inappropriate.You view lots and lots and the Estate Agent continues to keep sending you to unsuitable houses – mainly so they can go back to the owners and say “Well, 50 people have viewed your property and found it wanting, perhaps you should lower your price or you should invest in some major maintenance.”

You keep looking at houses and find they are not quite as described on paper, some of them are in complete state of disrepair, some are bigger/smaller/older than advertised, some are infested. Some appear OK but on closer inspection have dry rot and some simply are already occupied and shouldn’t be on the market.

Eventually you find a house and you think it’s perfect but you lose it because the completion is too tough for it, you get gazumped, everyone else thinks the same about it so it’s back to square one.. but finally you see one that’s perfect and you grab it ASAP before anyone else spots it, sometimes before it’s even on the market..

This simile can be extended endlessly, you (bravely) settle for a ‘fixer-upper’ because you see the potential in one particular shambolic wreak that everyone else has passed on, you move in and on closer inspection you realise it is not quite as nice as it seemed, it’s a bit rough around the edges and there seems to be a leak somewhere in the water works, the roof seems to let the wind in as you can hear it whistling during the night when you are in bed and it seems to creak a lot for no apparent reason.

And there is a funny smell..

And it’s waste disposal seems a bit clogged up..

So like all houses it takes a lot of work until it’s perfect for you, you bang away and hammer away and touch it up here and there and do some major refurbishment until at least it is comfortable and a place to call home, sometimes it takes years and years to get to that stage, sometime never…sometimes you practically have to demolish nearly the entire house and start from scratch again just to make it habitable

Sometimes, like doubledecker buses turning up three at a time after a long wait, the moment you exchange contracts a much nicer one comes on the market and you wish you waited!

So Estate Agent Theory, yes, very appropriate, and it can be extended further, you know that if you had moved into a house with everything except a fireplace then in time you would be looking at that fireplace again and again and wonder..we are all searching for that home where we are comfortable and safe and happy and secure..and the big thing is, the frankly crazy thing is, that the house that you eventually settle on, finally feel completely comfortable and at home in, will be nothing like you ever expected..

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