Increase Your Batting Average. (Lesson 1.0.1.)

Stand out from the crowd (maybe!)

A friend of mine was moaning to me the other day about why no-one responds to her emails, she’s getting a bit down about it and thinking of giving up the whole online dating malarkey.

I looked at her profile and nothing stood out, it read like nearly every other profile on the OKCupid site, the same phrases and descriptions.

So ok  ladies, pay attention, here’s a list of things that are not interests, hobbies, or unique information about you as a person.

I like to keep fit.
I like shoes.
I like dancing.
Happy in heels or sneakers.
I love spending time with friends/family.
I love going out at the weekends.
I work hard and play hard.
I like reading (unless a specific subject).
I like films (see reading).
I like sailing.
I like music. (unless a specific subject).
I like eating out at nice restaurant’s
I like red wine
I am happy to snuggle up on the settee and watch a dvd.
I like going on holiday.
I like going to clubs/gigs/parties.
I like country walks.

I’m sure there are a few more things I could add here but this is just a off the top of my head list. All/any of these are perfectly acceptable if accompanied with some other titbits of info, but frankly anybody with two braincells likes the list above.


“I really hate describing myself, ask and I shall reveal.”

..isn’t doing you any favours either.

I’m fully aware this is not a woman only issue, (apart from the high heels item ;),  men of course, are just as bad and I dare say there’s some bloke out the moaning to a friend that no-one ever answers his emails either. You see, none of the above make any of us stand out, I’ve read way to many profiles and they all start to merge into one indistinguishable mess. If we want to get replies from potential suitors then we need to stand out from the crowd, it’s as simple as that. Have a bog standard profile and you will attract bog standard dates, if you are happy with that then fine but if you are moaning to me that no-one is emailing you then perhaps you’d better send me your profile and I’ll rewrite it – you won’t like what I write, you will think it’s a bloody joke but you will get responses, and not all of them wanted.

You see, the best person to write your profile is not you but is actually a man, after all, as a man I’m pretty sure I know what we men like ..and what makes us press that ‘delete’ button.

I will be returning to this subject again and again. 😉

If I’m not flamed.

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