Idiots Guide To Astrology

I have a friend who checks out all potential dates astrologically and asks them their time/DOB/place before she will meet up with them. I tend to take astrology with a large pinch of salt and make a point of trying to find the most astrologically incompatible match I can find, principally because ..well, who wants a quiet life? I like a challenge because I think that’s when we learn and grow the most, and I don’t like the thought of someone else telling me who’s compatible with me and who is not, I’d rather find out myself. One of my best friends, a Scorpio, should rub me up the wrong way entirely but her and I are best friends. Conversely, I know someone who was born on the same day as myself and I struggle to get along with her, (no, not you twin sis!)

So I was curious to see how two of my friends would fare together astrologically and entered their data and got the following happy report;


This is a very difficult aspect between charts. There may be jealousy, or a dampening of self-confidence and enthusiasm. This comparative combination does not favour romantic relationships because of the heavy authoritarian implications. However, when aspects do form in spite of this aspect, the staying power of Saturn usually helps keep you together permanently.

This is an adverse aspect for romantic relationship because it denotes great difficulty in understanding each other’s moods and feelings. In some cases, the attraction may be emotional or sexual, without real understanding or overall mental and spiritual compatibility. There is an attraction here, but marriages may be contracted for reasons of financial or domestic security, or as a result of family pressure, rather than because of real affinity.

With this combination natural tendencies toward excesses, expressed by either individual, are likely to be extended and inflated. Extravagance, overconfidence, and overextending will be a bi-product of the relationship. You tend to encourage each other’s tendencies toward self-indulgence and impracticality. This is not a good relationship for raising a family because there is a tendency to ignore responsibility and too much is taken for granted. In romantic relationships difficulties arise over differences in philosophic, religious, or moral viewpoints.

Usually this combination produces emotional conflict. The Uranus person is viewed as aggressive, domineering and insensitive, while this person is likely to look upon the Moon person as too moody and overly emotional. This comparative aspect is not favourable of compatibility in marriage and romance, although it can produce sexual attraction. In marital or romantic relationships, one partner may feel that he or she is being exploited for sexual or financial reasons. The aspect can cause angry scenes and emotional conflict. Arguments of joint finances. You must work consciously at exercising patience, gentleness, and consideration for each other.

This aspect is not very harmonious and shows a departure in attitudes on the weightier issues in life. There may be a serious departure in views regarding religion, education, or merely habits and taste. In this relationship the Jupiter individual is apt to think the other too self-indulgent. Venus may view Jupiter as too serious, and overly concerned with religion, philosophy, or culture.

This is the most competitive, argumentative, and pugnacious of all Sun-Mars combinations. It indicates particularly that the two of you have very different energy levels, which can cause all kinds of conflict. The negative and disruptive effects of this aspect can be mitigated if you both are very secure in yourselves. In that case, instead of regarding this competitive energy as a threat, you will take it as a challenge. This energy would be most difficult to harness creatively in a love relationship. In a business relationship or a friendship it would be easier to deal with.

Sun conjunct Saturn is a very powerful aspect in a composite chart. It indicates that you have come together to have an important learning experience. The experience of this relationship may expose you to truths about yourselves that you would rather not face. The point is not to judge yourselves or each other, but to see clearly and with detachment and then try to make changes where necessary. In many respects you may find this relationship confining and limiting. It may well be that you do need this discipline and that you are not facing your responsibilities. If you need this experience, the relationship may last a lifetime. But if it is really too confining, it will probably not last very long.


It goes on and on but I think you probably get the message. Now, here’s the thing, this is Doris and Bob’s chart, my 84yr old mother and my 81 yr old stepfather and I know that after spending the weekend with them that they are totally into each other and deeply in love.

I probably better not tell them about this chart… eh?

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