History One Oh One

These are the only two pictures I have of my early relatives. This is my mother Doris and my Grandmother, I never knew my grandmother but apparently she was a bit of a dark horse (too), just like my mother and it would appear The Dating Leprechaun too. I’m keeping my fingers crossed my beasties get my sense of adventure too, it’s important.

She was born in in the same cottage as previous generation upon generation, she worked in the fields,  fed the chickens, broke the chickens necks, looked after pigs, made soda bread, potato farls and corn dollies. She rode a pony and cart  into town and picked up fish from Kilkeel harbour and supplies from McCab’s and danced the night away in the local town hall.

Doris and her mum

Apparently, this is my grandmother and grandfather… and some local farmhand who helped in the fields. They didn’t have electricity them days, my mother Doris didn’t actually have electricity until 1985, they pumped water out of a well just outside the cottage, they grew lots of vegetables to supplement their merge diet, they ate lots of porridge (so Doris tells me) and they went to church every Sunday.  During harvest time everyone in the community pulled together and brought in the harvest and during hard times everyone did much the same, pulled together.

Grandmother and Grandfather

They didn’t have any modern conveniences, not even early tractors, everything was done by hand including thatching the cottage roof, they brought seaweed up for the beach which was only a stones throw away and spread it across the fields to improve the soil – a theme in the movie The Field.

What I am interested to know is this, in a recent survey it was the Masai people of Kenya who were rated as the happiest and most content people in the world, they have very few possessions just like my grandparents and I wonder, if the same survey was done on my grandparents generation, I wonder were they would come, I imagine somewhere close to the top, at least that’s the impression I get from my mother..

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