Going Down (Under).

Have almost finished reading Bill Bryson’s  ‘Down Under’ and here’s some facts I bet you didn’t know you didn’t know about Oz

The Opera House was designed by the Danish architect, Joern Utzon. His design was literally pulled out of the trash where it had been thrown after rejection in a competition to design the Opera House and the deciding committee couldn’t decide on a winner. Utzon, surprisingly, never ended up seeing his prized creation, after leaving the project due to disputes about its rising costs, and returned to Denmark .

Sir Eugene Goossens, the man who came up with the idea to build the Opera House, never saw the final creation either – while passing customs in Sydney, he was discovered carrying a large collection of what was deemed porn and was asked to leave the country. So, when you think about it, it was Goossens own erection that stopped him from seeing his greatest erection.

In 1857, naturalist Gerard Krefft caught two very rare pig-footed Bandicoots in the outback. Unfortunately, Krefft grew hungry and ate them. As far as anyone could tell – they were the last of their species… oops!

Krefft also was later appointed head of the Australian Museum in Sydney – unfortunately he was asked to seek employment elsewhere when it was discovered that he was selling pornographic postcards to supplement his salary. This gets me wondering, he was working in a museum, just what sort of postcards were they, see the Mummy naked, aka MILF (not!)… the mind boggles..

As some of you already know, Britain sent their convicts to Australia in the late eighteenth century. While the voyage took 252 days they were lucky – upon landing, the Brits spotted two French ships in the horizon. Meaning, had they taken a day longer to arrive, Australia would have been a French colony. The French ships simply turned around and went home..  doh

A suggested name for the nation’s capital Canberra was “Sydmeladperbrisho” (using the first syllables of the state capitals). Canberra is considered so boring that the 1996 Prime Minister John Howard declined to live there after winning the election. Instead, he announced he would commute from Sydney to Canberra as duties required.  This wasn’t in like 1950’s or 1960’s but in 1996! Canberra’s population is about 350,000 and I’m sure every one of them was insulted. The man’s got balls!

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