First dates.

No, NOT my first love.

I once dated this girl who worked for the Bangor Spectator, the local rag  erm ..newspaper. Nice enough girl, a redhead – no hair, just a red head,  but between thou and I, the only section of the Spectator I read was the astrology section. I was 19 and a bit naïve.. I followed these horoscopes religiously until she spilled the beans and told me that they all took it in turns to write the daily horoscope, it was like punishment for them if they had annoyed the editor, most of them had a list of 20 or 30 bland horoscopes and they would just pick 12 at random and shove them in the paper.

The other thang she said was that the photo at the top of the page of Gypsy Meg was actually just the staff photographers mum with the scarf over her head, he gave her a few bob just to use that photo.. Up to that point I read about 20 horoscopes each day and did a cross bench quantitative analysis of them all even before I will get out of bed…unless it is Friday the 13th and then I don’t even bother trying to get out’a bed..  Like I said, UP to that point..

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