Eyes Wide Shut

Taller than Tom Cruise.

I have many claims to fame in my life, met most of the Royal family…well, when I say met, I mean annoyed, met quite a lot of famous folk when I worked for the Haven Trust Breast Cancer charity but what I haven’t mentioned was that I’m also an extra in a Tom Cruise movie.

It was about 1999 and I got a phone call from a friend of mine, Claire asking if I was free the coming weekend, I asked why and she said she had been asked to be an extra in a Tom Cruise movie, Eyes Wide Shut and her boyfriend was meant to be coming along too but had let her down… So of course I jumped at the chance and pitched up with her in a large country home outside north London. We were told to turn up at 6am (SIX AM!!) and bring Tuxs, I brought her boyfriends (never owned one) (so far) and a swarm of hairdressers and make-up artists descended upon us and the 48 other extras and then we sat around and waited and waited and waited. However, there was ample amount of free food and we all chatted and then about two pm we all got shuffled into a large room/hall and had to be in the cocktail party scene, so we all stood around like we were at a cocktail party, chatted away quietly and didn’t look at the camera or the principal actors… The came in, did their piece… did their piece again… and again and again and again and again and again and eventually Stanley Kubrick was happy.

Then we all got asked to come back on Sunday and do the whole thing again, same thing..hair/make-up/ eat eat eat eat eat/ cocktail party action action action cut and traipse off home with £600 in my pocket.

Sadly, I’ve never watched the movie, too arty-farty and I only watch movies with either Bruce Willis in them or films with lots of explosions, preferably both, but Claire did and says you can clearly see my silver hair in the cocktail scene. I will be signing autographs in Selfridges next weekend, don’t crowd, there’s plenty of me to go around ;p

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