Everybody’s got a soft spot, even the porcupine..

Morris Minor aka a Moggie

I was reading ‘Illusions’ the other evening and I came across a forgotten section,

Donald; “There is no problem so big that it cannot be run away from.”…
Richard; “You’re quoting Snoopy the dog, I believe?”
Donald; “I’ll quote the truth wherever I find it, thank you.”

and it’s true, we find the truth in so many unexpected places, I found a truth in an unexpected place, in the middle of a song that I was barely listening to this evening and the truth was this;

“Everybody’s got a soft spot, even the porcupine”*

I have a soft spot for a few things, obviously my two beasties boys and my bed, (especially when it is raining cats ‘n dogs outside) but I have a soft spot for a few other things as well.

One of them is Morris Minor cars. They were manufactured from about 1948 to 1970 in the UK and exported around the world – some even made it to the States at the time that everyone there was driving gas guzzlers. So why a soft spot for Morris Minors? Well, you see, there is a certain street creed about driving a Morris Minor, I suppose it’s like driving an original Volkswagen Beetle in the States, in this country one can drive souped up roadsters and some mean flying machine but if you pull up at traffic lights in a Morris Minor ALL men will regard you with much respect and some envy.

And it’s completely crazy, my sisters hair dryer has a more powerful engine than the Morris Minor, it’s top speed was 64mph, had drum brakes and more movement in first gear than my car has in neutral but blokes all over this country will nod their head in respect to anyone who drives one, it’s a classic and you know a man who owns a Morris Minor knows more about cars than you ever, he will know how to strip out the big end and source drum brakes from outer Mongolia. The Morris Minor come with indicators that actually pop out on the side of the vehicle like two flapping arms but if you have one you can guarantee every bloke over forty will come along and coo over it like a baby. The last Morris Minor was built 40 years ago in UK but they simply dismantled the entire factory and shipped it to Sri Lanka and started production again.

(But PLEASE…don’t EVER buy me one or you will never see me again because I will spend every waking moment under it in a garage trying to mend some bit of it!)

The other thing I have a soft spot for is Bruce Willis and especially Armageddon movie, sorry, I make no excuses, there is just something raw about this movie that appeals to my inner hero and I think most men can relate to the hero scenes, when all the astronauts come out of the hanger to save the world and the President makes that speech – gets me every time, it talks directly to my inner hero and I get all emotional.

We live in an age of equal rights and woman’s lib but Armageddon harks back to a time when men were allowed to be men and woman swooned at their feet and that kind’a appeals to this unreconstructed Neanderthal, I like doing heroic things and  although Bruce Willis will probably never win an acting Oscar, still I like the characters he portrays and generally I am of the opinion that there isn’t a movie in this world that can’t be improved considerably with the addition of Bruce Willis and large amounts of explosions.

I’m weird, aren’t I?

* More lyrics here and vid here, I particularly like the lyrics.

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