Doing The Funky Chicken

Ok, I thought this was funny, something I was reading in a book whilst enjoying the sunshine today, I laughed but your mileage may vary.

Rolls-Royce in Derby has this wonderful way of testing their jet engines against bird strikes, they have a huge cannon which fires chickens from the local supermarket at the jet turbine engines when they are going full blast to make sure every engine can survive an air strike at top speed. So, a number of things occur to me here, do they get free range chicken or cheap crap ones, and do they remove the giblets before firing then into the jet engine and if a chicken makes it way through unscathed does it get to fly away free as a bird..  OK OK I know they are shop chickens but still, I have a wonderful image going through my head now ‘fly free…fly free little birdy…I mean family sized corn fed chicken.”

However, in this book the writer was saying that Rolls-Royce’s main competitors heard about the chicken firing cannon and built one themselves to test their engines too. So everything was set up and they had this magnificent cannon and filled it with a couple of chickens, started up one of their jet engines and fired the cannon and there was a God Almighty explosion and their engine came apart in a million pieces, flames and parts going everywhere and everyone ran for cover.

So the engineers rechecked all their setting, they were stumped as to why a few chickens could cause so much damage, they checked wind speed, ballistics, speed of rotors, angle of impact and they just couldn’t figure out why their engines exploded while Rolls-Royce’s engines remained intact. They scratched their heads in puzzlement ……but then the man firing the cannon asked, “Next time, should I defrost the chickens?”

I burst out laughing at that line and got strange looks from everyone in the park.

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