Cupid Stunts

I can barely believe it either.

Today is the 29th of February and the one day every 1,460 days (aka four years) when I am a bit wary of unexpected surprises and watch my back. In this country at least it’s the one day when woman are meant to propose to their man, not like there’s anything stopping woman from proposing any other day of the year but it’s a tradition here in the UK and the media will be so full of it tonight and tomorrow.

Marriage proposals are a minefield, many many years ago, I was at  watching my local rugby team play on a cold wet Saturday afternoon. At half time, the stadium announcer advised us that some idiot wished to propose to his beloved on the very muddy pitch. On they came and headed for the centre circle; meanwhile the stadium as one rose and serenaded the bride to be thus;

“Get your tits out
Get your tits out
Get your tits out ..for the lads…”

The romance of it all still brings a tear to my eye…

A friend proposed to his girlfriend at around 20,000 feet. They were going skydiving for her birthday and he asked her in the plane before they jumped. She said yes and he was overjoyed. It was short-lived as her chute never opened and she plummeted to her death. It’s fine though coz he has a new wife.


I don’t know of anyone who’s actually been proposed to on the 29th February and I can’t tell their story so here’s how not to do it everyone.. Now, if one of you ladies were mad enough to propose to me then I think a food court is not the right place, jetting me off to some tropical paradise would probably be OK but a food court… hmmm

If you are going to do it then you obviously need to do it in style, say fly over to Portugal and surprise her, I know this is fictional but this is my idea of how to do it ladies. I’ll even move to Portugal with enough hints.

Colin Firth proposal to Aurélia

And since this is a once in four years day then how about a little romance, this is a sweet video from one of my favourite movies and a smashing song too. Who says romance is of all days..

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