Crimes and Misdemeanour’s.. Part deux

I don’t really drink much these days but in my 20’s I was typical bloke and would partake a drink or two, however that got curtailed slightly after the following incident when I was 25. It was my mate Toms stag night and a whole pile of us trooped down to Brighton on the piss. Officially it was a stag night but as a lot of us were going steady it became combined Stag/Hen night.

I was dating Sue and we were all part of a good bunch of friends. So we ended up in this pub near Brighton, 40 miles away but we knew the owner, he was one of our lots father and he had a load of mattresses upstairs in a pool hall for us all to crash out on..

So we did the usual pub crawl and then ended up back at his place, the Spread Eagle, and after drinking ourselves stupid we all eventually crashed out upstairs in the pool hall, I snuggled up beside Sue and fell into deep sleep but at about 4am I was busting to go for a leak so I gently untangled myself from Sue and tip-toed out, found the bog, and then came back and snook quietly back into bed behind Sue, snuggled up beside he, wrapped my arms around her and give her some nice kisses on the nape of her neck, she snuggled up even tighter before we both fell deeply asleep..

Imagine my surprise when I was woken up suddenly next morning with Sue shouting “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN ‘HER’ BED!!”… I looked under the blanket, I had my arms wrapped around Anne…damn! Wrong bed! Doh!!

Needless to say Sue and I didn’t stay together much longer after that but the guys ribbed me about it for absolutely years… bugger!

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