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Even Obama is doing his bit to help economic recovery..

Today’s breaking news in the papers is that President Obama has given up fags. Yes, fags in the UK means cigarettes so picking up a fag here or lighting up a fag are quite a normal expression – unlike in the States where I believe it means something altogether less savoury, apparently bumming a fag will get one arrested in the States (just ask George Michael) but it’s an expression used daily in dark secluded corners and doorways all over this country and not just in the bars.

So let me see…

The economy isn’t so hot
Lost control of the House to the rabid right.
Forced to continue Bush tax cuts for the rich
Guantanamo still open
Afghan war no nearer to resolution
50,000 troops still in Iraq despite ‘departure’
Unemployment still dangerously high
Totally lost over what to do about Egypt

As Lloyd Bridges would have said: Looks like he picked the wrong year to give up smoking 😉

I wonder, when times are hard (when are times not hard!), does he have a nosey through the drawers of his desk in the oval office looking for one of Clintons old cast off cigars, I’m sure they are quite flavoursome by now..

When I was working as a nurse on Intensive Care we had a room that the smoking staff could go to have a puff – and yes, I geddit, smoking staff over here means staff who smoke, not staff who  are hot – but invariably I would go and sit in the smokers lounge rather than the non smoker lounge simply because smokers tend to be more sociable and chatty. I think there is a comradeship between smokers, it’s like they are hard done by, everyone targets them; the tax man, the medical profession, the media, so they all huddle together outside work entrances trying to maintain a united front.  They are brothers (and sisters!) in arms, I’m not sure why that is, perhaps smokers have to keep friendly and chummy with each other so they can cadge a fag off each other when times are hard, but during the nightshift the non smoking staff would sleep and being the sociable bugger that I am, I’d go chat to the smokers, no-one had fully researched the effects of passive smoking at that point but I’ve never actually smoked proper although you would be surprised at the number of nurses (and doctors) who do. It was always a bit disingenuous to hear a member of staff lecture a patient about the dangers of smoking when they obviously stank of cigarettes themselves.

In the UK the law was changed a few years ago to ban smoking inside bars and clubs, so now I’m much more aware of smokers, the other evening I was walking down the high street and all the smokers were out in the street puffing away on their fags and I was walking through clouds of smoke rather than all the smokers keeping their fumes inside the bars.

So Obama has the odd puff, in a way I quite like this idea of him standing outside the Whitehouse gates with his security men under an umbrella and them arguing who’s turn it was and did anyone bring a lighter, Martin Sheen, sorry,  I mean President Bartlet, easily America’s greatest President,  did almost the same thing in The West Wing and it tends to make him more human, even if it is a terrible habit. And GWB gave up booze and cocaine so kudos to him too but I don’t know about you lot but I think we should start a campaign to get Obama smoking again, after all, who can resist a smoking hot President? I know Monica Lewinsky can’t!

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