Boxing Day Explained…(eventually)

It’s still Thanksgiving over there in the States whilst I write this but for course over here in Blighty it’s ‘just another day’ and everyone has been slaving away as par usual, ok perhaps not everyone has been slaving away but I did actually spend more than five precious minutes at my desk this afternoon…and noticed I had managed to kill my cactus. Not sure how come I have developed a talent for Cactiide but in the process of looking up that word I have discovered that tumbleweeds are part of the same family too…tumbleweeds grow? tumbleweeds are *real*? I thought they were just some Hollywood movie prop, never seen them any time on my travels out to Az or Ca… and speaking of Hollywood… did you know that the only place in the world where frogs actually go “ribbet ribbet” is in northern California, in no where else in America, Europe, Asia, Oz, south pole do frogs make a ribbet noise.. I know this doesn’t seem a very interesting fact, however, when sound first came to the movies all the sound guys went out to record animals sounds and insect sounds and of course they recorded the Californian frog making that unique ribbet call and in ALL movies throughout the world frogs ALWAYS make that sound, even in Europe and Oz where frogs croak rather than ribbet… I bet you have been wondering about that for ages, haven’t you?? 🙂

Anyway, yes, Thanksgiving over there across the pond but I also only discovered recently that Christmas is not as big a deal over there and all the shops are open from after midday, in addition I have discovered that Boxing day is not celebrated in the States, I may have to explain Boxing Day, I know it sounds like an excuse to pop around to your neighbours and duff him on the hooter and trust me, manys the time I am tempted to but actually there are two stories I’ve been told about Boxing Day;

1) In Ye Olde Golden Days when us poor folk worked for rich folk as servants, butlers, maids and cooks it became the tradition that after the day after the big feast of Christmas when the Landed Gentry had had their fill of feasting and glutomy, that the Staff would have the 26th off and come round with boxes to help themselves to the leftovers and have themselves a jolly litle meal of cold meats and cold brussel sprouts.. yum..

2) and from Wikipedia (or as we would naturally spell it Wikipaedia) “The name derives from the English tradition giving seasonal gifts (in the form of a “Christmas box”) to less wealthy people. In the United Kingdom this was later extended to various workpeople such as labourers, servants, tradespeople, postal workers and errant Webmasters.”

I tend to lean on the Duff Thy Neighbour on the Hooter theory because after 24 hours coped up with immediate and distant family and Aunts that smell strange but insist on watching Strictly Come Dancing I really do feel like knocking someones lights out, maybe my family is unusual but Christmas goodwill lasts until ohhhh ..about midday or whenever the final present has been opened and then the fighting and arguing starts..

Some folk in this country bemoan the fact that whatever happens in America eventually happens over here too, I think really that for the peace and goodwill of the nation it would be good if the shops and malls *did* open up at midday and that would save a few broken noses..

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all

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