Birth pains?

(Let’s have some fun)

Was chatting to a (female) friend this morning about whether men are better at handling pain or woman are better. I was present at the birth of my two beasties and let me tell you, pain? pain? child birth is nothing compared to how hard my hand was squeezed!, I spent twelve hours in that labour room having my hands squeezed so hard that it almost brought tears to my eyes!! No epidural for me, no gas & air, no general anaesthetic for me, pushing something the size of a watermelon out’a yer jacksie is nothing compared to the pain my hands went through, I had to stand there and take it like a man and here’s the thing, you woman think child birth is painful but let me ask you this, how many woman complain about childbirth but immediately want to get pregnant again, it’s so painful that they are happy to say “I’d like another…!”  and have you ever heard a man say to you “wow, that kick in the bollocks was great, I’d like to do that again!!” no, never, because getting kicked in the gonads is ‘much’ more painful than childbirth..

Don’t you agree ladies??


OK OK! you know I’m not serious!

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