Well OBVIOUSLY I’m going to use this video.

So, home from Barcelona and nice to be back in my own bed. Impressions about Barcelona, well the following is a list of jobs that are Credit Crunch Proof and as secure as Fort Knox.

Sunglass sales. You will never go out of a job if you sell sunglasses, all native Barcelonians wear sunglasses constantly, even at night, I think they come out of the womb wearing them.

Black clothes. A standard uniform for all Barcelonians, never saw anyone wearing anything else. Even the street cleaners, under their florescent safety jacket.

Street cleaners. There seems to be at least one or two street cleaners for every street, both in their little electric Road Sweeper carts. Like little worker ants scurrying around under your feet constantly. Little buggers!

Cigarettes. Again, I think they come out of womb with fag in hand. Watched a teacher take his children around in a parade on Saturday, fag hanging out of mouth, because you see so little smoking in this country it’s very noticeable when everyone else smokes like a chimney around you.

Pickpockets. Will never be out of a job, it seems Barcelona is Pickpocket Grand Central Station. Best tip is to walk around with those really cruel mouse-traps in your jacket pockets. Seriously.

Builders. Specifically builders working on Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia. It seems generations of builders have been working on the Sagrada Familia since 1882 and it is due to be complete in 2026, the anniversary of Gaudi’s death. It’s not going to happen and I can say that with some certainty, you see, I have a Lonely Planet Guide To Barcelona book, circa 2002. In it the author states that although there is no metro line all the way to the airport, it is indeed under construction and is slated to be completed four years later in early 2006. I was there in 2011 and it still isn’t completed. I think Gaudie’s masterpiece will indeed be completed in time for the anniversary of his death but it won’t be his 100th anniversary, it will be his 300th anniversary. I’m taking bets now.

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