Assume crash positions

The Beasties – suitably blurred because this is how they look in real life, just a blur!

My two beastie boys, 14 and 12, live with me part time and one of the very secret delights of this living arrangement is that I get to hear them talking in their sleep. It’s not that often but occasionally I am awoken by the sounds of one of them laughing and I go into their room thinking they are playing around and they are both snoring away, then one of them will just laugh out loud again. It’s very sweet but the 14 yr old in particular tends to have long conversations  in his sleep and mumbles away about some computer game and then the conversation always ends with a laugh, this isn’t a little chuckle but a full on belly laugh and how the hell he doesn’t wake up the 12yr old six inches away from him I’ll never know. My 12 yr old will talk in his sleep too but not as much but sometimes they seem to be having a conversation between themselves whilst fully asleep. Am hoping it doesn’t progress to sleep walking..

At the same time they share a big king sized bed and they toss and turn around the bed during the night a huge amount, it looks like they spend most of the night wrestling with a giant octopus aka duvet cover. I once watched I think it was one of the spoof Airplane movies and as the plane was about to crash the pilot says ‘assume crash positions’ and the passengers spread themselves all over the plane with limbs akimbo in ‘crash position’, this is what my two beasties look like when I go into their room first thing in the morning..they have assumed crash position..

They are going hate me for blogging about this! (one of the many pleasures of being a father!)

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