Annoying the annoying (part trios)

A few years ago I was at Sainsbury’s (Walmark clone) at about 9.30pm when I heard this commotion down at the Helpdesk, naturally *never* being one to miss a brawl I made my way to the front desk and there was a fellow Irish woman creating hell with the store staff. She was getting very irate with the staff and she was shouting and arguing with them, she was extremely drunk and was trying to buy more booze and then of course she started cursing and swearing at the receptionist and the other staff at the desk when they refused to sell her more alcohol..

Everyone was looking and I have to confess that I took a sudden and fascinating interest in the display of beans that just happened to be right beside the Helpdesk …as you do 😉

So this woman was really losing it, she obviously had come out from the bar across the road and was cursing away like a trooper, so eventually two security guys came up and tried to remove her but she started accusing them of assault and giving them abuse too, she was tiny and these two huge guys just lifted her under her armpits and dragged her outside the store dumping her on the pavement..

So things kind’a settled down, she stood outside shouting abuse at the staff and security men but by the time I had paid for my shopping she had stopped shouting but was pestering everyone coming into the store to buy her some booze..and the security guys were standing by the Helpdesk keeping an eye on her..

So… never one to miss an opportunity to stir things up with a great big stick… I walked past her I quietly said to her, “Here love, see those big fellas in there, they’re telling everyone what an eejit you are..” and she said “WOT???…BASTARDS!!” and I walked off quickly as she ran into the store and threw herself at the guards!!.. I heard the shouts and cursing all the way down the road… was great..she was so tiny and those guys huge but she laid into them again..cursing and swearing and giving them a right earful ..

I’m sorry, I know it was probably wrong but red rag + bull…. I’m going to Hell, aren’t I?

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