A Jigsaw Puzzle

Not a good fit.

Occasionally folk ask me why I split up from my wife and I give the honest answer about arguing and fighting and not getting along but you know, there’s a bigger picture here that I didn’t realise at the time but I now have some insight into.

Life really is like a giant jigsaw puzzle and we are all trying to find the place where we fit.

I saw a space all those years ago and thought I might fit in there, It was a bit uncomfortable, I had to hammer myself in and even then I had to take some scissors and cut a few bits off me but eventually I got into that little hole.

However, as time passed, I started to miss those bits I had cut off and amazingly they started to grow back, eventually that little hole could no longer contain me and I popped out. That’s why we split up, because I was in the wrong hole. So here I am today, like most folk, looking looking looking for the one place where I belong, somewhere where I am comfortable, my little place in this giant jigsaw of life..

I probably think too much, don’t I?

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